Impeccable German cuisine – SPATEN-HOUSE restaurant menu

Classic German beer restaurant SPATEN-HOUSE, recently opened in the heart of the capital, invites the metropolitans to feel the true Bavaria spirit and enjoy the unforgettable taste of German gastronomic traditions. The SPATEN-HOUSE Menu includes a wide variety of Bavarian dishes of impeccable quality, having millions of fans worldwide.

The new restaurant cuisine offers a wide range of national German dishes for every taste –from popular hearty snacks to exclusive gourmet combinations. The SPATEN-HOUSE team with great care and attention has developed a traditional menu, each position in which preserves the taste of the original recipe: tasty meat and fish specialties, famous Bavarian sausages, classic dishes cooked on an open fire and, of course, numerous variations of beer snacks.

The logical beginning of the German dinner in SPATEN-HOUSE can be one of national salads conveying authentic combination of flavors and attractive aroma of traditional ingredients. Among the prominent representatives of the salads and appetizers card are: the «Bavarian salad with smoked meat products» composed of crisp lettuce leaves with fragrant smoked sausages, sweet cheese, smoked chicken, roasted peppers and sweet tomatoes, dressed with peanut sauce; «Dresden» - a juicy roastbeef of young calf, roasted with mint and green onions, served with fresh vegetables with spicy chef's sauce from; «Salmon tar-tar», composed from small cubes of tender Atlantic salmon fillet, marinated in olive oil and lime juice served on a bed of fresh cucumber slices with arugula, capers and dill.

Savory continuation of the meal may be one of the typical soups, for example, the original Bavarian «Goulash soup» with vegetables and beef. Fans of the diversity of tastes will appreciate the grill dishes in classic German combination - such as the «Bavarian slicing» - slices of homemade bacon, smoked pork neck and supplemented with pickled cucumbers and cherry tomatoes, served with croutons and spicy mustard; or «Ten sausages plate» - a pan pf rosy fragrant sausages with Munich and red cabbage, mashed potatoes and gravy.

The main courses are presented by the traditional meat treats, among which there are positions on anyone, even the most demanding taste. Particularly noteworthy are such dishes as: succulent lamb with roasted fennel, oyster mushrooms, cherry tomatoes and sauce Demi Glace; baked lamb shank with herbs, marinated in red wine and rosemary, prunes and garlic; veal loin with a light arugula salad and sweet tomatoes; giant pork knuckle baked until golden brown.

It would be especially nice to enjoy a hearty meal cooked in the German gastronomic traditions accompanied by the best varieties of the legendary beer producwd by tge famous breweries located in the heart of Germany.

SPATEN-HOUSE restaurant is a perfect holiday destination for those who appreciate original beer, perfect quality of German cuisine and traditional Munich hospitality.