Information on the restaurant

SPATEN-HOUSE, a classic German beer restaurant was opened in Moscow recently.

At the heart of its vision there are the best kinds of fresh beer, the ethnic cuisine of impeccable quality, the age-old traditions complete with the famous Bavarian hospitality. The metropolitans now may plunge into a special atmosphere of the legendary Munich SPATEN-HAUS, a symbol of the highest standards of German gastronomy, well-known throughout Europe. Moscow SPATEN-HOUSE has won millions of fans worldwide authentically conveying the characteristic atmosphere, authentic style and features of a traditional cuisine.

The restaurant's name comes from the symbol of beer traditions of Munich - Spaten beer concern, whose products became the main focus in the bar menu of this restaurant. The German word «spaten» literally can be translated as  «shovel». This precisely is a symbol included in the brand label for many centuries, representing a shovel for malt. It is organically integrated in the logo of the SPATEN-HOUSE restaurant.

In combination with the best kinds of the legendary live beer and a classic German cuisine  SPATEN-HOUSE restaurant magnetizes with a genuine authentic atmosphere complete with its famous customs and hospitality. The true German restaurant culture includes a fascinating whirl of events, busy feasts and unique lively carnivals that blur the boundaries among nationalities and entrain into a single stream of sparkling emotions.

SPATEN-HOUSE restaurant is a perfect holiday destination for those who appreciate original beer, perfect quality of German cuisine and traditional Munich hospitality.

The best beer and German cuisine

The main feature of the German SPATEN-HOUSE restaurant is undoubtedly the original live beer in many variations. The best varieties of beer, produced by the famous breweries located in the heart of Germany, the guaranteed excellent quality and a wide range of popular brands, of course, will be the center of attraction for those who appreciates beer. Traditional SPATEN-HOUSE atmosphere invites to a warm and friendly conversation, accompanied by  tasting of classic and rare varieties of malty beverage.

It is especially pleasant to enjoy a hearty meal in the German gastronomic traditions followed by the glass of fresh beer. Appetizing meat and fish specialties, famous Bavarian sausages, classic dishes cooked on an open fire and, of course, numerous variations of beer snacks: the SPATEN HOUSE team with great care and attention has developed a traditional menu, each position in which preserves the taste of the original recipe. The restaurant offers a harmonious blend of national meals that cater to every taste and gourmet exclusive cuisine, taking into account the individual preferences of its guests.

Legendary Spaten beer

Spaten beer have been for decades and still is an absolute authority on the beer market. After all, the famous Spaten beer us made of water, malt and hops of exceptional quality; it is a standard of taste and color and implies strict adherence to production technology, in accordance with the «Bavarian Purity Law» adopted back in 1516. Today Spaten is one of the largest German factories, manufacturing other equally revered brands of beer: Frantsiskaner and Lowenbrau. A trade mark produced by the «Spaten Octoberfest» concern is a symbol of the main annual Octoberfest beer festival.

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